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The revolution on the market – our patented invention the Navipointer.

By our technical competence it was possible for us to invent an application with the Navipointer which enables an operating of new technical equipment (e.g. GPS, Vario, Smartphone I-Phone, I-Pad, mobile phones). As a special feature it even works perfectly with the gloves for a variety of touch screen technologies. Resistive, capacitive, visual and acoustic signals (Surface Acoustic Wave) can be executed surely with just one product. In the cold you will not have to take off your gloves anymore as the Navipointer is directly integrated into the glove.

Cold fingers are passé. A further form of application is a (Fingerling) “ResiRap” which is made as an overcoat and therefore applicable on every glove. The user can execute commands intuitively and unerringly by design and technical features of the Navipointer.

In a special process the sliding properties of the Navipointer are getting refined. The surfaces are getting touched gently and especially stroking movements are in this way perfect practicable. For multitasking touch screen surfaces this is an exemplary application. Scratches on glass or similar surfaces are impossible with the Navipointer. There is a high level of safety due to our dimensionally stable and still flexible plastic. As it is very important in the exercise of sporty activities (e.g. motorcycle and ski) no injuries can occur in a fall. The best possible protection is guaranteed. The Navipointer is used everywhere where hands need to be protected from cold, heat or any other negative influence and technical and electronic equipment must be operated.

The Navipointer-Fingerling (ResiRap) is used where people have too big fingers to use touch screens correctly. The application areas are varied. For that we are searching for suitable manufacturer of gloves and cell phone accessories sought to conclude licensing contracts.

If interested, contact: For more information contact us via This can be at both for the sport, industrial (occupational safety), recreation (hiking, video and photography), medical (surgical gloves), health (amputees, patients with rheumatoid arthritis) military, police, customs duty and the business world in general. All people who work outdoors and have to use equipment will be rewarded with more comfort with the best user safety.

The Navipointer is an “Allrounder”